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Online Resources
Resource Directions Description Type
Noise: WorkSafe VIC* Click on the title to the left
* Go to 'Safety & Prevention' - situated in the top drop down menu on the WorkSafe Vic homepage
* Select 'Health & Safety Topics'
* Select 'Stress' - situated in the list of Health & Safety topics
Noise Regulation: Workcover NSW* Click on title to the left
* Select/click on 'Publications' - situated in the left hand side menu on the WorkCover NSW homepage
* Search 'Noise regulation' in 'Search Publications' - situated on the right hand side of the WorkCover NSW Publications Page
* Select 'Do i Have a Noise Problem? Noise Regulation'
Noise & hearing: ASCC* Click on the title to the left
* Go to 'Health & safety topics' - situated in the top drop down menu bar of the ASCC homepage
* Select 'Health & safety issues'
* Select 'Noise & hearing'
* Select a document listed that you wish relevent to noise and hearing
Guide for assessing and fixing noise problems at work - WorkSafe Victoria* Click on the title to the leftLink